Unlock the Mysteries of Vedic Math

“Welcome to the world of Vedic Math, where ancient wisdom meets modern calculation. Join us on an exhilarating journey as we unravel the secrets of rapid mental math and transform numbers into your greatest allies. Get ready to elevate your math skills and embrace the power of Vedic Math!”

About The Course

  • Supercharge Mental Calculation: Vedic Math techniques empower you to perform complex calculations mentally, boosting your speed and accuracy.
  • Time-Saving Efficiency: By utilizing Vedic Math methods, you can solve mathematical problems in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional approaches.
  • Enhanced Number Sense: Vedic Math nurtures a deep understanding of numbers, allowing you to develop a stronger intuition for mathematical concepts and relationships.
  • Versatility Across Math Disciplines: Whether it’s arithmetic, algebra, geometry, or calculus, Vedic Math techniques can be applied to various branches of mathematics, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Improved Problem-Solving Skills: Vedic Math encourages flexible and creative thinking, equipping you with versatile problem-solving strategies applicable to real-life scenarios.

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Course curriculum

  • History and origins of Vedic Math
  • Advantages and benefits of learning Vedic Math
  • Understanding the Vedic Math sutras (aphorisms) and their significance
  • Addition and subtraction techniques
  • Multiplication using base multiplication and sutras like “Vertically and Crosswise”
  • Crisscross multiplication for large numbers
  • Multiplication by casting out nines
  • Multiplying numbers close to the base and cross
  • Division by complementary fractions
  • Division by the Nikhilam method
  • Calculating square roots using duplex method and other Vedic Math techniques
  • Simplifying and comparing fractions
  • Converting fractions to decimals and vice versa
  • Applying Vedic Math techniques to solve complex fraction and decimal problems
  • Algebraic manipulation using Vedic Math principles
  • Solving linear and quadratic equations
  • Factoring and simplifying algebraic expressions
  • Applying Vedic Math techniques to solve simultaneous equations 

In the Vedic Math course, you will learn

  1. Fundamental principles of Vedic Math: Discover the ancient techniques and concepts that form the foundation of Vedic Math.
  2. Speed multiplication: Master efficient methods for multiplying large numbers rapidly using Vedic Math.
  3. Mental calculation strategies: Develop mental math skills to perform calculations in your head with ease.
  4. Quick division techniques: Learn simplified approaches to divide numbers quickly using Vedic Math principles.
  5. Square and cube calculations: Acquire techniques to effortlessly calculate squares and cubes of numbers.
  6. Simplified fractions: Understand methods to simplify and perform operations with fractions using Vedic Math.
  7. Special multiplication patterns: Explore special multiplication patterns and shortcuts for specific number combinations.
  8. Digital roots and casting out nines: Learn how to utilize digital roots and casting out nines to check calculations for accuracy.
  9. Applications in algebra and geometry: Discover how Vedic Math techniques can be applied to solve algebraic equations and geometric problems.
  10. Advanced problem-solving: Develop advanced problem-solving skills by applying Vedic Math principles to solve complex mathematical challenges.
  11. Join the Vedic Math course and unlock a world of mathematical efficiency, speed, and mental agility


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🚀 Those preparing for competitive exams that require strong math skills.

🚀 Educators or tutors looking to incorporate Vedic Math into their teaching methods.

🚀 People who simply have a passion for learning and want to expand their knowledge of mathematics.

Our Students Feedback

"Taking this Vedic Math course was a game-changer for me. I've always struggled with math, but these techniques made everything click. The instructor explained everything clearly, and now I can solve complex calculations in my head in no time. Highly recommended!"
"As a parent, I wanted to find a way to help my child excel in math. This course exceeded my expectations. The instructor's teaching style was engaging and the Vedic Math techniques were easy to understand. My child's confidence and speed in math have improved significantly since taking this course."
Happy Thakur
"I'm a math teacher, and incorporating Vedic Math into my lessons has transformed my students' learning experience. This course provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques. My students now enjoy math and find it much more accessible. It's been an incredible journey!"
Rachna Yadav


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